Remote Annunciators

Examples of Remote Annunciators.

These are just a few examples for you. There are many different types but all serve the same purpose.

The remote annunciator is an indicator of the generator condition. It is usually found at a nurse’s station or security station where it can be observed 24 hours a day.

The annunciator has no control function. It is a warning device only.

These are set up with visual indications as well as audible. In older models the alarm silence would turn off the audible feature; however, in late models the “horn” comes back on every 15 minutes. This is to annoy you into fixing the problem.

It calls your attention to issues like low fuel, heater failure, and low battery in order that these problems can be addressed before an emergency arises.

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K916- Electrical Systems Essential Electric System Alarm Annunciator
A remote annunciator that is storage battery powered is provided to operate outside of the generating room in a location readily observed by operating personnel. The annunciator is hard-wired to indicate alarm conditions of the emergency power source. A centralized computer system (e.g., building information system) is not to be substituted for the alarm annunciator., (NFPA 99)”

NFPA 99, says you cannot use a computer to replace the hard-wired remote annunciator.
NFPA 110, 2010 edition, chapter 5.6.6 provides remote annunciator guidance for all facilities.
“…storage battery powered…” does not mean back-up battery. The remote annunciator is hard-wired to the generator cranking battery.

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