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What You Need to Do

Refer to: National Fire Protection Association [NFPA], ® NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems, 2010 Edition

Set up a routine maintenance and testing schedule. (*NFPA 110 8.3.3)
Keep good written records of all inspections, tests, repairs, and maintenance. (*NFPA 110 8.3.4)
Test entire system for 30 minutes after any repair or service. (*NFPA

Inspect the generator. (*NFPA 110 8.4.1)
Check the oil, fuel, and coolant
Make sure the heater is working
Check the battery

Run diesel generators at 30% of its rated load for minimum of 30 minutes.
Gas generators need not reach 30% load but must be tested for 30 minutes per month. (NFPA 110 8.4.2 &
Record oil pressure, engine temperature, and AC amperage.
Transfer all transfer switches to the Generator. Include the fire pump transfer switch. (NFPA 110 & *NFPA 25

Test the generator and fire pump together at full load. (*NFPA 25
Operate the generator breaker. *(NFPA 110 8.4.7)
Test diesel fuel annually. (*NFPA 110 8.3.8)
Loadbank Test Diesel Only

Every Three Years:
Test system under load for 4 hours.

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