Generator Inspection Checklist

Origins of the Generator Inspection Checklist

I have been servicing generators for over 40 years with that I have spoken with many state fire marshals, health department officials, insurance adjusters, medicare/medicaid staff and customers.

Why You Need to Follow This Checklist

If you are a healthcare facility you need to keep your backup power systems in compliance with NFPA 110 since its integral to your funding with CMS. Whether or not your surveyors from the state chooses to enforce the codes do not matter. Many in a effort to save money, choose to ignore whats found in NFPA 110 and other codes, which might be fine for a while until you get tagged by a state or federal surveyor. The result, is usually thousands or even ten of thousands of dollars worth of fines. On top of paying your generator service provider to fix those tags.

Its Not All Your Fault

Most vendors, contractors, and generator service providers either choose to ignore the standards found in the IBC, IFC, NFPA 110 etc. or are oblivious to the standards. The good news is this Generator Inspection Checklist will help you with all information that you need compiled into one checklist.

For those of you that are not in healthcare it is still essential you follow NFPA 110 since most state and local governments have adopted the International Building Code & International Fire Code both of which reference NFPA 110 for the generator standard. Data centers, public utilities, and much more will benefit from this checklist.

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