The Importance of Reliability with a Emergency Generator

What use is your backup power system if it does not function correctly?

One of the most common causes of backup power failure is lack of proper basic maintenance.

Continue reading below and apply this information to your facility.

There are a lot of good generators available.

Most issues relate to installation and maintenance.

Maintenance is the issue you can control. Pay close attention to NFPA 110 Chapter 8.

Required weekly and monthly inspections and testing of the emergency generator help you familiarize you with the equipment and catch problems before major issues occur.

Make sure you have a set of manuals and follow the manufacatures instructions.

Here are some of the common issues we get called out to correct.

No fuel – Make sure you have adequate fuel and keep the tanks full. You do not know how long you may need your generator during an emergency.

Diesel fuel is recommended for a backup power system. Natural gas can be trouble.

Batteries – Must be changed every 24-30 months per NFPA 110, A. Old batteries may be fine for starting your vehicles, but you do not want to depend on it for LIFE SAFETY. Look at this video:
Battery Specific Gravity and Conductance Tests

Radiator – Have the system professionally inspected and serviced every 6 months.

Thousands of dollars are spent on radiator replacements just due to the lack of good maintenance of a radiator on a emergency generator.

Mice – Rodents or other types of chewy critters wreak havoc on the electrical wires, which possibly can lure in snakes into the enclosure so be aware!

Wasps commonly build hives inside generators during the warm weather.
Also the generator enclosure is not a place of storage.

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