Hire an Engineer!


It is reasonably complicated to determine the capacity needed to power any chosen load. For this you need to hire a competent engineer. The engineer will sign a contract with you that professes he can determine the generator’s capacity to do the job you want done. He is also obligated to make sure the installing contractor and the generator vendor supply equipment and do work that meets all local building and fire codes. No one else can do this!

Of course, you can take a cheaper route and let your contractor or generator sales company bypass the engineer, but then you have no recourse when things fail to go well. The engineer may make mistakes, too. But he will have “errors and omissions” insurance that will help you with the cost of setting things right.


A generator will use a big reciprocating engine from the size in your car to the size in a locomotive. These things are noisy and put out a lot of smoke. The generator set manufacturer will supply an installation manual. Pay close attention to the manual! Also, there are specific building code requirements about installation that you must follow. You engineer can help with this.

Code Compliance

Being in code compliance is important especially for facilities that receive funding from government agency. Many people are not aware of the specific codes that they need to be following because, in many cases the installing contractor or any other contractor working on the emergency generator are simply not aware. This can cause problems especially if you are tagged by a surveyor which potentially could cause issues with funding.
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