Power Grid

Understanding the Grid

Click on the following links to see the nature of the vulnerable Electric Power Grid equipment:
The State of U.S. Infrastructure
Infrastructure Report Card
America’s Vulnerable Energy Grid
NERC-North American Electric Reliability Corporation

Local government does not need to be devastated by a Power Grid Failure. True enough, the electric power grid is a weak link in our infrastructure security, but local government can make use of existing generating equipment, their own staff, and existing fire codes to provide a necessary stop gap until the power grid is restored. View my video below to see where the problems are and what you can economically do about it.

Power Grid Failure

Very Large Transformers

V.L.T or also known as Large Power Transformers (L.P.T.) are critical to our electrical infrastructure. Here are some suggested links if these mega important pieces of engineering interest you.
Challenge of Transporting Large Power Transformers
Large Power Transformers and the U.S. Electrical Grid Report by U.S. Dep of Energy
Electrical Transformer Video by Engineering World

Power Grid

Curious about how general U.S. Electrical Infrastructure works? Start here with this video by Practical Engineering.

How do Substations Work

Another part of the power grid we see everyday are the electrical lines themselves. Another great video by Practical Engineering will explain how electric transmission lines operate.

How do Electric Transmission Lines Work

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