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Power Grid

The State of the U.S. Power Grid

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2021 has introduced more concerns for the US electrical grid. The winter storm that struck Texas was an eye opener, and to add to that this summer certain parts of the U.S. have issues with the electrical grid with strong heatwaves. Texas Grid Operator Urges Electricity Conservation California Grid Operator Calls on Residents.. The U.S. electrical grid is the unsung hero of our civilization since we all depend on this since the electrical infrastructure supports are day to day lives. The grid is vulnerable especially since the U.S. spends an extremely low amount on internal infrastructure more specifically the electrical aspect. The State of U.S. Infrastructure
Infrastructure Report Card Any type of failure to the grid can be devastating to any type of local business and service such as hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, public utilities, grocery stores, and data centers. Americas Vulnerable Energy Grid
Healthcare facilities are legally required to have backup generators and most water/wastewater facilites have backup generators, data centers must have backup power, and a plethora of industries have backup generator to weather such an event.

NERC 2022 Summer Reliability Assessment Draft

How Your Facility Can Prepare for Grid Disruption

Get your Emergency Generator ready.

Getting your emergency generator ready for outages is an important step in the right direction, but unfortunately the information is not readily available. You might have questions on what the correct step is, but the answers are here at the link here to our Generator Inspection Checklist.
The checklist will walk you through steps of maintaining your generator to code for NFPA 110 which will ensure mechanically everything is always sound.

Local government and local businesses do not need to be devastated by a power grid failure. True enough, the electric power grid is a weak link in our infrastructure security, but local government can make use of existing generator equipment, their own staff, and existing fire codes to provide a necessary stop gap until the power grid is restored. The video below will help you to see where the problems are and what you can economically do about it.

V.L.T or also known as Large Power Transformers (L.P.T.) are critical to our electrical infrastructure. Here are some suggested links if these mega important pieces of engineering interest you.
Challenge of Transporting Large Power Transformers
Large Power Transformers and the U.S. Electrical Grid Report by U.S. Dep of Energy
Electrical Transformer Video by Engineering World

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