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I started in the generator business as salesman in 1977. I needed a job! I applied for a sales job at a major distributor looking something like this.

(I looked like Herb Tarlek! I no longer look like Herb. I look more like “The Big Guy” Mr. Carlson)
Long hair, green leisure suit, and thick soled plastic shoes. The fools hired me!
I was assigned to learn from their top salesman; one of the finest gentlemen I ever met. He did not have time to fuss with me right then, so they gave me a set of manuals, including technical manuals, and told me to familiarize myself with them. I studied those manuals for two weeks before my training began.
I do not think they expected me to learn much from those manuals. They were wrong. Reading technical manuals is one of my favorite things! I still have them and refer to them regularly. The technology has changed but the mathematics, heat transfer, gas flow, and mechanics have not changed.

For example:
All automatic generator start system in 1977 used two relays: run relay and start relay.
All automatic generator start systems in 2020 use two relays: run relay and start relay.
A lot has changed, but a lot stayed the same.

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