State & Federal Surveyors

By their nature, emergency generators are complicated.

The resulting standards that deal with generators are complicated.

I provide workshops on NFPA 110, 99, 70, 70E, and 25 to explain these codes in laymans terms.

If you don’t understand it, it is difficult to enforce!

Look at these videos, in particular the one on remote manual stop stations.

How to Set Up a Generator Stop Station
Generator -Class-Type-Level

Any contractor can look at this article to get it right.

A surveyor can use this article to make sure the contractor did his job.

This is a Life Safety issue! Now look at the owners inspection and testing requirements.

My articles explain the provisions of NFPA 110.
Again, Life Safety.

Make sure your standby generator is receiving proper maintenance and testing, so your facility does not get tagged for not meeting code.

These videos for weekly, monthly, annual , and every third year will provide you with what you need to know.

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