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Hi, my name is Paul Harris and I have been working with Standby Generators (also known as backup or emergency generators) for over 40 years. Over the decades I have been involved in all aspects from engineering, design, service, repair, and maintenance. Standby generators are important for your facility in the event of power grid failure of any sort. They also serve an important purpose in case of a fire.

The standby generator will provide power to emergency lighting systems and fans that provide smoke ventilation to your facility. That is why backup generator’s critical purpose is life safety and can save lives. The maintenance of generators can be confusing and not well explained, but here you will find the information you need for you or your maintenance staff.

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Emergency Power is a perplexing world to navigate and is broadly misunderstood. We will assist you each step of the way with videos, files, and articles to help you understand this complicated world. Please take your time and look around our site!
The primary reason for emergency power is LIFE SAFETY. Do not lose sight of that!
It easy to get lost in the technical details of the building codes and intricate engineering necessarily required in the application of reliable emergency power.
Always keep LIFE SAFETY clearly in sight. International Building Code and International Fire Code (ICC) focus on life safety for each individual occupancy. Occupancies have different requirements for egress lighting, smoke control, and fire suppression among other considerations in order to best preserve life. NFPA standards provide specific details as to equipment, installation, maintenance, inspection, and testing of the Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS). In my website I explain those details in layman’s terms.

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