Let your staff help control the budget.

You already have trained mechanics and electricians. With my help, your own staff can reduce your need for outside generator service calls.

My website shows you how to inspect and test the emergency power system. Call the dealer for repairs, but have your staff direct the activities. You do not need to pay an outside company for what your staff can do.

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My name is Paul Harris.

I have trained many field techs to follow the procedures found in my Generator Recovery Flowchart.

I have been involved with all aspects of commercial emergency generators such as engineering, design, maintenance, and service for over 40 years.

This site will help you keep your backup generator in good operating condition and ready to automatically provide power when you need it.

Simplifying the Emergency Generator Industry

Generator Recovery Flowchart

Follow these diagnostic steps when your backup power fails.

Emergency Procedures

Standby Generator Failure Prevention

Generator Inspection Checklist

The best way to keep your generator in compliance and to keep it well maintained is to follow this checklist.

Whats New

Generator and Electrical Power Related News

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Power Distribution in a Commercial Facility

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