Generator Maintenance

Code Requirements

Nearly every city in the US as well as some states have adopted a version of

International Building Code and International Fire Code.

These standards specify National Fire Prevention Code 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems be followed. This website is primarily concerned with how to apply NFPA 110 from the standpoint of a field technician.

I and my staff have a combined 90 years in the field providing service and repair on many different makes and models. Our work has led us to correct errors in design, installation, engineering, and service programs.

What to do stay in compliance and avoid a tag.


Each emergency power system is unique, although most are similar. The best thing to do is follow the NFPA 110 procedures outlined in chapter 8 of the 2010 edition. I have posted videos here for weekly, monthly, annual, and every 3 year operational inspection and testing.

Also pay particular attention to operator training. This should be provided by the company that sold you the system. They should also provide you with a complete set of manuals. You paid for the manuals when you bought the system.
Emergency Generator Operating Log
What is an Emergency Power Supply System
Emergency Power System Scheduled Maintenance
How to Use a Multi-meter to Check Generator Batteries
Battery Specific Gravity and Conductance Tests
Fuel Analysis
Automatic Transfer Switch Annual Service

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