Introduction to Emergency Generators

Standby generators are complicated, necessary, and awfully expensive.

This thing is as big and difficult as a locomotive, and almost as complicated. Even the authorized dealers and their “factory trained” technicians are afraid of it.
Very few understand these systems. Then to make matters worse, the generator is paired with an automatic transfer switch.

Emergency Generator
Tech repair Emergency Generator
Transfer Switch Generator

In many cases transfer switches are not even made by the generator manufacturer. They maybe purchased items used to complete the system.
As a result, generator company technicians can be unfamiliar with the transfer switch the company sells.

You are not supposed to know any of this. “Factory Authorized” does not equal competent. Your best move is to insist upon Building code compliance.
NFPA 110, Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems is your best defense.

Compliance with NFPA 110, is in fact, legally required.
Most municipalities and many states have adopted International Building Code and International Fire code. These codes set standards for building construction and provisions for fire safety.
They are legally adopted almost everywhere. NFPA 110 is a part of IBC and IFC requirements just like NFPA 70, National Electric Code.

International Building Code and International Fire Code compliance is all about Life Safety. Code avoidance is all about money.

Your money

Engineering companies, contractors, vendors, and service companies are all about Profits.

Suggested Content for Emergency Generators

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